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  • Monti

Monti is a Dutch dubstep producer/dj living in The Netherlands, in a smalltown called Heerlen. He started producing music since the end of 2008. A year later he got interested in dj-ing too.

Since the first day he listened to dubstep, it fascinated him all the time. He tried to get his inspiration from dark atmospheric sounds. That’s exactly what you can expect of his dj sets.

Recently he is one of the resident dj’s with Ard Bit and Rfunck at Filtered Forms, a dubstep concept powered by Roel Funcken, which takes place at “NieuweNor”, a popular venue in Heerlen.

Currently he focuses on mixing dubstep music. In addition, of course he’s still working on various projects with local producers and on his own EP.


Monti – Caged (Forthcoming Digital Sanctuary) by Digital Sanctuary Rec.

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